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There is no matter from which country you belongs. We ship across the world. If our office does not exist in your country we will contact you with the nearest office to your country.

If you are looking for stock product, Minimum order that you can give is 1000. In that you can combine different color and sizes of packaging according to your need and can make a total of 1000.

Well we are providing custom packaging options as well but yeah custom packaging order required minimum of 10000 bags and one good thing is once you have order for custom packaging of 10000 next time you can order for less for same design that have no issue.

There is no need to worry about Designs of packaging at all. We have a team of professional specialized designer that will meet to your best expectations of your logo and image free of charge with up to 9 colors. If you are looking for particular logo or image only, we have no issue regarding to that. For further detailing feel free to contact us.

As you know that quantity and distance both are major aspects that vary upon the quantity that you have ordered and distance that need to cross. Generally it takes 7 to 10 working days for stock product just after we receive payment from you.

Customized products will take more time compare to stock product. Due to it have many concerns like buying impression rolls, Exportation of bags from India etc. it will take almost six weeks to meet your product to you.

We have added that cost already to our quotation mark according to country. So there would be no extra cost of transpiration you requires to pay.

If you have urgency you can opt to express delivery method that will have an additional charge.

There is no need to get tensed about that. We are here to just take away your worries. We have engineers that can give you best suggestion according to your product and design expectation. Same way shape and top notch depends on utility, for an instance zip bags, spout bags, one way degassing valve bags etc.

You can make payment either by NET TRANSFER or CREDIT CARD. We advice you to first contact our sales team before making payment.

Once we receive your order details, our sales team will contact you.

Yes, we will send your order to your country.

In the order payment, transportation, insurance and cost of product are included. Please note that import duties which are charged on certain goods in your country are not included.

Yes we do but with some additional payment.