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Vacuum Packaging



It’s been a big question in general with non-vegetarian food packaging as it contains some aerobic bacteria which get increased in an oxygenated environment so awareness is required to take away oxygen from package otherwise heedlessness turns it into rotten and fungi. We can get to the bottom of by offering you vacuum packaging bags.

Vacuum packaging bags offer to let out air from the bag former to sealing during packaging apparently oxygen get removed from the bag that meets our needs and increase the shelf life of food.

Competitive advantages:

›    Do not let atmospheric oxygen to penetrate into the package that stops the growth of aerobic bacteria.

›    Prevents fungus along with preventing evaporation of unstable components.

›    Increase shelf life of food it means lasting it for a long time in vacuum bags.

›    Prevent freezer burn by protecting food from exposure to the dry and cold air.

›    Boilable vacuum bags put forward slow cooking to non-vegetarian food.


Meat, Sea food, Poultry, Cheese, Sausage, Processed food, Smoked fish, Cereal, Potato chip, Vegetable, Liquid.

Available in:

Material Plastic
Multi layer lamination Plastic Two layers: PET/Matt PET/BOPP and PE.

Three layers: PET/Matt PET / BOPP / Matt BOPP, MET / Matt MET and PE

Packaging Options

Clear Vacuum Seal Pouches: offers transparent surface from all side best for frizzing non-veg food.

Boilable Vacuum Bags: Enduring 212-degree temperature offers boiling aspect.

Gold Metallic Vacuum Pouches: Metalized polyester with Lamination offers shiny surface higher barrier property best for sliced meats, paltry, jerky and cheese.

Surface Finishing Matt finish with frosted effect window Complete gloss finish Shiny finish with transparent window Complete gloss finish with metalized lamination Registered Matt and gloss finished printed Aluminum foils laminate for high barrier packaging
Note Offering custom size, Custom designing and personalized printing up to 9 colors.Providing trial order depends on the aptness of the client.Selection of pouch relies on customers from on hand choice of stand up pouch, side gusset pouch and three side seal pouch.
Transparent Pouches

Transparent Pouches

Silver Vacuum Pouches

Silver Vacuum Pouches

Black Vacuum Pouches

Black Vacuum Pouches

Clear Vacuum Bags

Clear Vacuum Bags

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